Jessica Joyce bags are manufactured in Portugal, where each style is produced in small batches. The craftsmanship is excellent, – every singular detail is considered, designed, and handcrafted. Metal hardware is important for our bags, therefore we work with YKK or Riri zippers, which are known for their high quality. The precision manufacturing process and the excellent quality of the materials that comprise the bag are what determine how long your bag will last. We strive to make a high-quality bag that will last forever. With our long-term warranty, you can always send the bag in for maintenance.



Leather is a material we love for its flexibility and durability. The use of high-quality leather is beautifully emphasized by the folding technique and thus forms a recognizable DNA signature for the Jessica Joyce line. We work with 100% full-grain leather that has been naturally dyed: This is what a bag that can last a lifetime is made of and assures you that your bag ages gracefully. We use the leather residual materials to make small accessories and offer a counterbalance to the tremendous production waste in the fashion industry.