A woman unveils her personality in each purse she owns. Her bag is her secret hideaway.
It is where a woman carries her mood of the day; it hides her secrets – her paraphernalia – that accompany her throughout the day or “in her actions and adventures”. It’s her own secret caché and God forbid someone tries to break in and snoop around. 

The Jessica Joyce handbags feature several secret compartments on the outside and inside. Making it easy for you to carry items you need every day, such as cosmetics, a cell phone, MTA card, among others. 

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Premium craftsmanship and unique designs remain at the core of our limited-edition collections, which are produced on a small scale in order to keep high standards and to ensure the rich, yet understated appeal of all Jessica Joyce´s bags. We believe in doing more with less and produce all bags in small, limited quantities to minimize waste.  


At Jessica Joyce were intrigued by the new and innovative. We would love to collaborate and develop exclusive and custom made Jessica Joyce handbags for our clients. 

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