Jessica Joyce graduated from the University for the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 1998. During her studies she worked for Corinne Cobson in Paris and Helmut Lang in New York after her graduation. Five years later, she pioneered her self-titled women’s label. She works towards setting her brand image out in the open bursting with inspiration and full-on enthusiasm. Years of experience, working with many fashion companies and her own personal curiosity all encouraged her to do more and to be more. 



Written by Pearl Michaelson


Designers are finding it harder and harder to establish a foothold in the fashion industry. One must have boundless hunger and tireless stamina to compete in today’s games. Jessica Joyce has those two traits and so much more. Amsterdam native, Joyce has created a brand unique and timeless among her peers. Her abstract style and unique branding makes her line shine.


The fashions produced by Joyce’s line are timeless and relatable. They make sense to women, and are not articles of clothing symbolizing far-fetched ideas non-conducive to real life and real living. Not everyone is a runway model, but Joyce’s designs bring the runway to everyday living in an effective and feel-good way. Who is the woman- the muse- inspiring Joyce’s designs? Joyce explains her work as, “…Creating a sense of style for a strong, worldly and independent women of all ages. I believe we all want our favorite dress in many different colors, material and patterns.” Fashion is a way of creating an exterior, every day that showcases our individuality. By creating multiple designs for the same woman, giving her options and a sense of control, Joyce is designing for women’s wants, allowing us to forget what we aren’t in the fashion world. Forcing our bodies to fit pre-existing design molds is a thing of the past, as Joyce’s designs remind us that we have many, many choices.


Joyce set out on her long fashion trek to runway show glory at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. She finished her fashion design degree at the Academy of Arts in Arnhem, but while her schooling enabled her to achieve her fashion designer goals with the required technical training, her desire to design blossomed at an early age. The passion to pursue the long and arduous journey burned inside her, making her a rare success story among a sea of daydreaming and sometimes naïve designers. Her earliest designs penned in crayon; Joyce’s career seems to have stemmed from a genetic predisposition to cast her into the fashion industry.


The designer’s fashion genius is channeled in her studio, as she fervently works, sketching designs by hand and on her computer. Joyce reveals, “I love those tremendous moments of ultimate focus. Magic happens when I make mistakes drawing; new ideas and technical solutions are the outcome. I love these moments of accidental happiness.” Those happy accidents are the reason we love her line so much! The abstract and open-minded nature of her collections allows room for individuality and unique style among wearers. While she creates her collections in her studio, inspiration for her styles are supplied by endless sources amid metropolitan streets. The people and excitement kindle her fashion fire. 
There are hazards in this industry, stressors that cannot be avoided. The constant balancing act in the fashion circus is between creativity and sales. The artist wants to create, while the people’s demand encourages sales in another direction. Joyce handles this brilliantly by catering to several different audiences with her variety of styles within collections and specific looks. She knows the buyer, and offers styles for different body types, all the while staying true to her aesthetic and creating the fashion in which she believes. Her beautiful designs showcase a mod-like approach to modern day fashion and style.


As she manages the tightrope, balancing perfectly between her creativity and the necessity for sales, Joyce reaps the benefits of the industry. When asked what the most exciting aspect of her career, Joyce cheerfully responds, “Runway shows are pretty cool and exciting! There is nothing greater than creating your own perfect little fashion world for 12 minutes!” While the industry encourages competition for buyers and audiences, the medal for Joyce is the fashion show. The Jessica Joyce brand has created a unique approach to fashion, bringing strength and confidence to women in the styles shown on the runway. The mod style is adorable, flattering, and altogether irresistible, so she can keep on enjoying those fashion shows of hers, because we sure love them, too!


There is so much to beware of in the fashion industry, sinkholes and grenades found anywhere between self-doubt to malicious sabotage. Joyce has risen above all the competition with her agile branding. Her athletic sense of the industry has proven successful for her line. Joyce expresses her thoughts on the industry as, “…Running a marathon twice a year.” In order to be victorious in the marathon, she advises, “You need to know yourself and your cultural reference. Even if it’s not fashion-related, doing something can help you find out what you like and don’t like. The fashion industry is a hard world, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work and hours, then go for it and don’t be afraid!” The advice Joyce gives rings true for much more than the fashion industry. She encourages growth and an open-minded experience of life, similar to her fashion philosophy and line.


Jessica Joyce has brought fashion to audiences in a way that promotes the best of us. The line encourages style in the rat race, making fashion accessible to everyone through her eager-to-please line. Joyce’s hunger for style inspiring strong and confident women gives her the power to push through competitors. Her stamina to keep creating her unique, ever-evolving and exciting line has brought her to the forefront of the fashion race. The Jessica Joyce collections will always finish with a shining medal and endless praise because of Joyce’s dedication to creating a line that inspires women with fun and creative ways to feel great and fashion forward.






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